From winter 2018 – art lessons and guidance from Robert Suvi Art Studio

Participated twice in Osta Noort Kunsti (fall 2021 /Noore Kunsti Oksjon (spring 2021) auctions, both successfully. Organized by Art&Tonic, Tartu Loomemajanduskeskus, etc.


2021, August – “Where’s the logic?” – at Redwall Digital Office Gallery, Aparaaditehas. See more here.

2020, 18th of February – 6th of June – “Mirage” at Tartu University Social Sciences Institute, Lossi 36, Tartu (ühiskonnateaduste instituut, endine sünnitusmaja). See more here.

2019, December, – “Re-invention II” at Tartu City Information Centre mini-gallery

2019, 24th October – 28th of November, – “Re-Invention” my first individual art exhibition of abstract paintings and landscapes in Tartu University Clinic Gallery.

2019, March-October -, Local “Kissing Students” in Tartu – “The most beautiful city in Estonia is Tartu” (Kaunim linn on Eestis Tartu”), 2 works: Supilinn (Soup town) and “Landscape 1”.

2019, October – November – Tartu views in South of France, Berre Des Alpes gallery.

Landscape 1 by Liisi Toom

2019, august – previous exhibition goes to France. My works: “Under the bridge”, “Soup town”, “Landscape 1”.

In personal ownership: Portrait Ingeli; Hydrangeas.

Created: Portraits (6), Land/city-scapes (4), Abstracts (9), Random + sketches.