Vacation and new abstracts

Due to COVID-19 I had the chance to have my exhibition “Mirage” up for few more months. I hoped to change paintings more often, but the new situation demanded more effort on other fronts. Thanks to some lovely people who shopped my paintings I was forced to add some, so now, at the last week of the exhibition (now for real), I changed three paintings. One of them this lovely black-and-white “Lighten up” abstract.

Lighten up / Saagu valgus


After some hard work, it was time for a week of vacation. We have just moved and I had not taken out a brush and paint for 3 months. But it was time. I took two canvases, one blank small one and one that I had painted something on, but wasn’t quite sure where to go with it. And the result was quite enjoyable. One is now called Mirage III, because of the technique I used is the same as the painting after which I called my exhibition. I love the brown+pink combo. And I use one of my favorite colours, this pastel looking light brown/skin color tone.

Miraaž III /Mirage III, 24x18cm, cardboard

Re-used canvas got a darker look. I knew I wanted vertical design and play between light and dark but staying on the dark side. The result is following:

Puhkus / Vacation, 50x40cm, cardboard

It looks a bit different in real life, a bit darker. But again, use of violet-pinkish and brown. With splashed black. Loved playing around with the colors. the painting changed so much and has so many layers! Really satisfied with the outcome. I hope it finds a lovely home and gets suitable frame around it to complement it.

Now I have a lighter, yellowish abstract at work. I am happy that I am in the flow again. Hope the upcoming workweek doesn’t change that.

Feel free to see my abstracts here. Ask for full pictures (the gallery cuts some of them). Follow me also on Instagram at /liisitoom_art