Fierce Women Series

As I was finishing up my latest painting of a woman, I came up with the idea of calling the whole series a “Fierce Women Series”. It stands for every woman who is seen and not seen, who is powerful no matter what has happened in the past, who has dreams and fears. I want to show and encourage women to allow themselves to be how they are, where they are and with whatever baggage they are.

This is my latest work: it represents women with strong “back” and the fact that our work on ourselves is always “in progress”. I think women are natural growth hackers, trying everlastingly find ways to improve. Even though they are always perfect right at that moment as well. Every woman should be applauded for the struggles, the effort they bring every god-d*** day. Starting from ourselves.

This was the first painting: Angelina Jolie. My idol as a strong woman who seems to do things how she wants, not being boastful and yet wrapping the world around her fingers. I have heard a lot of stories about her tough childhood, teenage time and growing up. The way she upholds herself in the midst of media talk is just amazing. I think there is a lot in her.