Painting abstracts is a risk. It is “you-like-it-or-not”. I strive to be childlike and bare-naked with what comes from inside of me and take the full risk. That often means I stare at the blank canvas for hours only to say “enough” and go into flow to create something I have no idea what happens. Most of the time I fail. Big. And then something good happens. Yet sometimes, I have an idea, a colour, a line I want to draw and the rest just comes.

Ask for information and prices for paintings at liisitoom@gmail.com

Industrial vibes /Industriaalsed vaibid. 70x60cm, acrylic on canvas
Golden days are coming.
40x30cm, acrylic on canvas
Café time. 18x24cm, acrylic/collage on cardboard
Puhkus / Vacation, 50x40cm, cardboard

Confusion series

Food series