Painting abstracts is a risk. It is “you-like-it-or-not”. I strive to be childlike and bare-naked with what comes from inside of me and take the full risk. That often means I stare at the blank canvas for hours only to say “enough” and go into flow to create something I have no idea what happens. Most of the time I fail. Big. And then something good happens. Yet sometimes, I have an idea, a colour, a line I want to draw and the rest just comes.

For purchase, contact liisitoom@gmail.com

* Paying with an invoice 20% is added to the price. / Arvega tasumisel lisandub hinnale 20%.
* Paintings are dispatched 3 days after receiving the fee on my account. / Maalid saadetakse teele kolme päeva jooksul peale tasu laekumist.

Field of cows /Lehmad põllul, 30×30.5cm, on paper/paberil, 157 EUR


Island of Palmtrees / Palmisaarel, 33x33cm, cardboard/papil, 290 EUR


“See õige tunne” / “I got a feeling” . Mixed media, acrylic on paper. 30×30. 290 EUR


Nimetu / Nameless. Acrylic on paper. 16x16cm + frames. 199 EUR
SOLD/MÜÜDUD “Ja päike tõuseb taas” / “And the sun rises again”, acrylic on paper 22x22cm without white borders, OKSJONIL 2. märts 2023 vaata rohkem https://oksjon.kunstimaja.ee/oksjon-2023/.
“Helesinine unistus” / “Dream Azul”. Acrylic on cardboard. 650 EUR
“Roosad trellid” / “Pink bars”. Acrylic on canvas. 38×48.5cm . 444 EUR
Contact /Kontakt, 90x90cm, acrylic on canvas/mixed techniques, 939 EUR, available at https://noba.ac/et/kunst/contact/ 
Golden lining, 40x30cm, acrylic on canvas, 157 EUR
Ring, 90x70cm, acrylic on canvas, 590 EUR



Puhkus / Vacation, 50x40cm, cardboard, 175 EUR
Breathe, 50x60cm, acrylic on canvas, 250 EUR

Confusion series

Food series